Call of Chernobyl 1.5 r6 - Hvwk[Merc Faction]Limansk Helicopter Down

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A secret research city, Limansk is an empty place, abandoned by its former inhabitants. The derelict buildings and vehicles that litter the city witness only the occassional bandits or Monolith patrols passing through. After the formation of the Zone, it became an even more unwelcoming place, as anomalies filled the city and its surroundings, cutting it off from the world. Only the Monolith and the Bandits found their way into the city.
When the massive blowout came in September 2011, the anomalies disappeared and stalkers poured into the city, looking for an easy way past the Brain Scorcher and clashed with Bandits and the Monolith. The Limansk war zone is a mandatory element of the player's progress towards the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and a point of no return in the game.
It lies to the north of the Dead City.
Call of Chernobyl
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