How to Make Lego Zeus with METAL BALL Gimmick! | Legobeyz Tutorials

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In this video, I showcase my Lego Zeutron that has a metal ball weight and a metal ball driver! Lets see what the metal can do with some test spins and some test battles too.

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How to build my Lego launcher! -

My Website -

0:00 - Layer: Lego Zeus
0:59 - Weight: Outward
1:38 - Zeus Layer Design
2:19 - Frame: Sun
2:28 - Driver: Weight
2:55 - Weighing the Parts
3:07 - Zeus Test Spins
3:44 - Test Battles
4:31 - Outro

Song: A New Beginning - Wise Young Gent
Music provided by Ninety9Lives
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