I Played ADOPT ME Until My *TRADING LICENSE* Was *STOLEN*! ...Breaking Up With Stalker GF (roblox)

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today after OURFIRE PLAYS played adopt me until they LOST their TRADING they called me and WARNED ME that my STALKER has been SPYING ON ME! they got this info from the TT SCAMMER, TT KEVIN that lives with us in SOUP HOUSE! is she really spying on me?? Should I be worried? I think she has a CRUSH on me and wants to be my GF! BUT I'm interested in someone else to be my ROBLOX! and I think he may be asking me out on a date SOON! Today I want to do a simple trading challenge with VIP water with my LUCKY CHARMS but I think SP ANONYMOUS has other found me and when I told her that I don't want to be with her and BROKE UP WITH HER, she got ANGRY and STOLE my TRADING is that even POSSIBLE?! I mean, she is TT ANONYMOUS's who is one of adopt me's TOP HACKERS AND SCAMMERS. What should i do next?! will I get my license back or will it be STOLEN AND LOST FOREVER? this is my most crazy and intense video yet! will soup be able to ever trade ultra-rare's and legendaries again?? will i save JEFFO, my best friend and CRUSH in time?! or will HIS STALKER get to him before I have a chance to confess my feelings?!

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