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P V H Film Production founded by Pasquale Palladino, Matt T Helme & Angelina Voskopoulou



Angelina Voskopoulou

The heart in our mind

Getting wet and burnt like candles upside down in the rain’ Light +movement- travel- minimum unit= a person – never stay put- another dimension- the city lights- our lights-there is constant movement even when we are perfectly still… The communication someone has with the universe is the light he receives from the stars and the light he sends back. It’s as if the light destroys all contours and loses all weight thus all that was once invisible becomes visible. As if the ‘’soul’’ of each and every object is hidden within-inside matter trying to find a way out. Matter transforms into an idea, losing its physical boundaries, forming space to the point where there is no stable form. Like a mission to investigate the ‘invisible’. Every idea springs from the mind and matter has the capacity to become… ‘Digging’ through matter you find the ‘soul’ of things. The quality that transforms them to something more than what they used to be. Our lives an unmoving march inside unmoving time- as if everything exists in a moment- like lightning. I imagine an invisible bridge that connects the two worlds. The world of matter, the world we live in and the invisible one…. Plato describes the wandering through matter, saying that the soul remembers. The Pythagoreans used to say that when a soul was ready for a new cycle in earth, was always told to ‘remember’. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING… That thing that is created by an intuition, from a secret and invisible communication with the sounds and the lost pieces of memories of the invisible world.


Nikola Gocic

In Search Of Tanatos

Our apples were not picked in the Garden of Eden. They arrived from Nowhere and shortly after, they returned to the very same concept, art, direction: Nikola Gocić music: "Microgravity in Macrosapience" by Mother Beth VS Blondie, from 2013 album "Nihil ex Nihilo".


Lisi Prada

Two motions

Traveling & Fixed Shot Two motions integrates in the same flow Two views 'objectively' different in an attempt To make them converge towards a single view , understanding the purpose of fusion at the 'same'


Yvana Samandova The Blue of the forbidden and Charlie Parker became bird A color 3D talking head about blue.


Muriel Paraboni


A poetic and visual essay on the human condition.


Sylvia Toy St. Louis


A video performance of my poem, (DEPRESSION AS GEOGRAPHY), which I wrote in 2009-2010, during a long period of bipolar depression. At the time, I was so ill that every word of the poem stabbed me in the heart.


Jutta Pryor

The Clapping Tree

The Clapping Tree is a poetry film tribute to mark International Women’s Day, celebrating the strength, vulnerability and spirit of a woman surviving the rigors of life in a remote, male dominated, pioneering settlement. A film collaboration between poet Matt Dennison (Columbus, Mississippi, US), sound artist Mario Lino Stancati (Italy) and filmmaker Jutta Pryor (Melbourne, Australia). Filmed at the Tyrconnell Historic Goldmine in outback north Queensland, where several original buildings and machines remain testament to a goldrush that took place 120 years ago.


Martin Del Carpio

Mother's Milk

I've always been intrigued by my mother's hands as a child. As she has aged, I've been fascinated even more by them. I feel they're a combination of being refined but yet of the working class. I'm both happy and proud to say that she's the one featured in my first ever short film. It's an experimental project involving a simple idea. I wanted her to showcase what is most vital to her in her life now with only the hands. There's the spirituality coexisting with the harsh reality that comes with old age.


Finn Harvor

Death - O A video poem/song about the relationship between the body, darkness, and the tunnel that leads from the realm of shadows to a realm of light.


bahadır özer

Estonia Tallinn the Fall Colors

Vibrant colors are turning dead. cold starts to encompass the soul. everything
fades. we wait hopelessly for a rebirth.


Pasquale Palladino

Three Stories With Stalker

A stalker and three parallel stories.


Matt Helme


A Father and Son's
vacation at the Beach.
Прохождение модов Сталкер
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