Shepherd Joins the Fight

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Thanks to P!X for this great mod, his mod page for NPC Spawner;
Bot Spawner Script;

MW2 AI Spawner tutorial video;

How the NPC spawner works in the game?
-When you press X, spawner gives you a random ai/npc from current mission, enemy and friendly ai are spawning randomly, there is no spawn order or spawn select. To spawn friendly ai/npcs, there should be friendly npc in the mission you are playing. Example; you can spawn General Shepherd in first mission and have him fighting on your side, becuse he appears in the mission normally, but you can't spawn Ghost because he never appears in first mission.

Installation Guide:

1. Download from modloader page above. Copy it to your main game folder.

2. Download from modloader page and change it with your current one in main game folder.

3. In main game folder launch the game from you downloaded, start a mission and play until game autosaves and exit the game. In your main game folder, there should be a new folder named "ccm_data".

4. Download bot spawner script from link above, open it and copy "maps" file, go into "ccm_data" and paste it there. It should look like this;


5. (Friendly NPCs/Optional) Thanks to @Pol You can now make all spawning NPCs friendly, enemies and even enemy dogs can fight for you . . . This is so far the best we can get for friendly NPCs. Spawns are still random, you can't choose to spawn Task Force or Rangers. Spawner will give you enemy models too, but they will not attack you, they will be friendly and will fight for you. You can skip this step, if you skip, Spawner will give you spawns randomly, you will get enemy and friendlies but mostly enemy. Here is what you should do for friendly NPC from @Pol's own words;

Go to MW2\ccm_data\maps\ and open it with notepad
- Look for "bot = spawners[number] stalingradspawn();" without the quotes of course.
- Add the following text below it: = "allies";
- Make sure it looks like this:

6. You are ready to go, always launch the game from in your main game folder. After launching the game, open any mission, there should be a text on screen "press X to spawn bots on crosshair"

7. (Optional) You can make the text disappear that says "press x to spawn bots". Go to ccm_data/ Make backup first and open it with notepad. Remove every line starting with "" then save and exit. Text on screen should be gone in the game.

If you have trouble launching the game after copying mod files, download from modloader page and change it with your current one in main game folder.
I am using steam version and i had an error after copying mod files, couldn't launch the game, but after i downloaded and copied it to my main game folder, it was fixed for me, remember to always launch the game from this in your main folder.

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