S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Anomaly - Ironman - DAY 4 - Timoha Chucker - So Close

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This is an Ironman (aka Permadeath) playthrough of a randomized character in ": Anomaly", timestamps included below. Follow me (Benjin) and see how far this character gets inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, filled with countless mutants and human factions at war with one

NOTE - Timestamps: Carrying on my new tradition from the last video, I've decided to keep this new system; makes it so much easier to find specific moments!

Intro - 0:00
DAY 4: Start (Army Warehouses) - 0:20
ENGAGED: Duty (Army Warehouses) - 4:40
(Army Warehouses) - 5:30
Loading #1 (Army Warehouses - Dead City) - 14:10
RELOCATED: Dead City - 14:59
Mercenary Base (Dead City) - 16:48
Loading #2 (Dead City - Limansk) - 22:41
RELOCATED: Limansk - 23:20
ENGAGED: Monolith #1 (Limansk) - 23:58
Assassination (Limansk) - 38:15
ENGAGED: Sneaky Monolith (Limansk) - 38:50
ENGAGED: Monolith #2 (Limansk) - 45:00
Loading #3 (Dead City - Red Forest) - 52:40
RELOCATED: Red Forest - 53:16
ENGAGED: Monolith #3 (Red Forest) - 58:30
Psi-Storm Start (Red Forest) - 1:02:01
Psi-Storm End (Red Forest) - 1:06:30
Loading #4 (Red Forest - Army Warehouses) - 1:19:12
RELOCATED: Army Warehouses - 1:19:49
Freedom Base (Army Warehouses) - 1:25:00
ENGAGED: Surprised! - 1:42:15
Night Ops (Army Warehouses) - 1:46:15
Emission Start (Army Warehouses) - 1:49:45
Emission End (Army Warehouses) - 1:53:17
DEATH (Army Warehouses) - 1:58:58

While I have played a lot of in the past (esp. Call of Chernobyl), I am still fairly new to Anomaly as I have only played 12 hours of it so far. Despite dying quite a few times in Ironman, I am loving the hell out of it - it is so much better than the previous iterations of the series by far. Share your tips / knowledge / opinions of the current playthroughs to help these random characters get through the Zone more safely.

Lessons Learnt From Video:
• Never assume someone you don't know / can't see is a friendly.
• Don't be greedy for loot, be more patient.
• Stop pausing the game if on critical health / situation!


• NAME: Timoha Chucker
• FACTION: Mercenary
• RANK: Novice



• HD Model Portraits (this is a personal mod that I am making. In my playthroughs, I'm slowly building up a screenshot portfolio of the characters in HD models so that I can cover every single character, hence why you may see me randomly taking photos of character's faces randomly. If you'd like to see it released, comment down below and I'll probably work on it faster for an earlier release).
• JSRS Port Sound Overhaul
• Level Transition Travel Simulator (2 hours)
• Death Animations
• Body Health System ()

Feel free to share any mod suggestions which are not included in in my current list.


: Anomaly

Base game (: Call of Pripyat):


Addons / Submods for Call of Chernobyl:
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