Stalker Radiophobia 2 Pripyat 4K | Max settings gameplay #9

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Useful links for best stalker mods:

Anomaly RC19 download link -

Anomaly RC21 download link -

pROvAK's Anomaly Weapon Overhaul RC21 -

Misery + Gunslinger standalone -

Autumn Aurora for SoC -

Mods used from - installation guide - ONLY for vanilla RC19/21 builds, dont mix with NZK or Provaks, download, unpack, copy to Stalker Anomaly RC21 folder:

Dead Air Revolution + NZK MOD -
English translation by Yuri -

- Food, cigarettes, drug and drinks animations -

- 4k upscaled stalkers, mutants, terrain textures, skyboxes, pda, maps(min 16gb ram):

- artifacts renovation -

- Extreme warzon mod(experimental mod turning zone into world war 1 frontlines) -

- High Resolution Stalkers (classic HD models)

or HD models -

- Yet another winter mod

- Boomsticks and sharpsticks

- JSRS Sound Overhaul

- Full upgrades for weapons and armor(just copy scripts files other might cause crashes)

- Anomaly Fonts for 1440p

Bandit taunt mod(press M to shout) -

Alternative Mercenary taunt mod -

- retexture for Anomaly

- custom Alife 5x spawn script
(place in gamedata/scripts)

Good hunting stalkers :)
Call of Chernobyl
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