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What happens to my body during puberty? Age 8-14

There’s no way around it — your body’s gonna change a lot during puberty. Here’s what to expect.

All bodies:

You may get acne (AKA zits or pimples) on your face and body. If pimples are stressing you out or causing problems in your life, talk to a doctor.

You start to sweat more, and you may have body odor (when your sweat smells bad). You may want to shower more and start using deodorant.

Hair grows under your armpits.

You may grow more hair on your arms and legs, and the hair may get darker.

You may feel some pain in your arms and legs as you grow (AKA “growing pains”)

When puberty starts in a girl depends on the following:

Weight: Overweight girls usually start puberty earlier
Nutrition: Girls who don't have access to or can't absorb proper nutrition start puberty later
Race: Puberty usually starts earlier in black and Hispanic girls and later in white girls
Genetics: Daughters of mothers who started puberty early are likely to also start early

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