Top 5 Most Popular Melee Weapons In Warframe

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No shock today in Warframe we're going over the top 5 most popular melee weapons! So I did record this late at night after my stream so sorry if I sound a bit sleepy.

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Yeah, it is finally time we go over the final tops 5 list. Today we end off with top 5 melee weapons! The top weapons in no order are as follows. Broken War, Skiajati, Orthos Prime, Redeemer Prime, Pracasesis. I have luckily used most if not all of the melee weapons on this list so I actually know how strong they are and what stances to use. Quite possible the best melee is in this list. Luckily all melee weapons are pretty powerful so you shouldn't have any issues doing damage whatsoever. Hope you enjoyed this amazing tier list provided by Digital Extremes!

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